Adobe Illustrator CS6 Free Download

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On November 30, 2016
Last modified:January 12, 2017


Adobe Illustrator CS6 Free Download

Adobe illustrator is on of the computer program which is used for creating and making graphics layout. It was developed by Adob Systems.Adobe Illustrator CS6 Free Download With the help of this software pictures can be made resizeable according to the user requirements, it can look accurately equivalent at any size.

adobe illustrator cs6 free download

adobe illustrator cs6 free download

It is the creation of computer graphics, which can spontaneously be replaced in size with out loosing its quality. This program was developed in 1987 by a software company known as Adobe Systems which is in Californian. Adobe illustrator was created for Apple Macintosh but it is still maintained and marketed by Adobe systems.

This software can be run on computer operating system like Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. And now from many years this has been mediated or considered as one of the default application in the field of vector graphics. Adobe illustrator have productive and imaginative options, tools can easily accessible and flexibility to produce accurate and fast graphics which are used in print, video, web publishing and mobile devices. Adobe illustrator main role is to produce highly professional graphics, in its first version 1.1 which was released in 1987, the platform was Mac OS, in this version there was only a basic drawing tools. There was no option to create objects with holes.

In history of adobe illustrator CS6 free download releases its second version in 1988 and the platform was again Mac OS, in this version there was some new tools like fading, freehand tools, tape measure, pause, colors but still it was missing with drawings in preview mode. The third version was released in 1989 but this time the platform was different and it was Windows, and it was not the great success. Adobe illustrator version 7.0 was the first version that was offered to windows with same functionality as offered to Mac OS, in this version user interface has been improved a lot and text tool was also expanded.                                                    

Since 1987 many versions of Adobe illustrator has been released, the latest version is version 20.1 which was released on 10 august 2016 for both operating system Mac OS and Windows.

adobe illustrator cs6 free download

adobe illustrator cs6 free download

Features Of Adobe Illustrator CS6 Free Download

  • Fast export of assets
  • Updated Libraries panel
  • Better collaboration with libraries
  • Work efficiently with adobe stock
  • Promote work with adobe portfolio
  • Live shapes and Transform panel updates

System Requirements For Adobe Illustrator CS6 Free Download

  • Ram 2 GB
  • Hard derive 2 GB
  • Windows 7/8.1/10
  • 1024 X 768 display

Adobe Illustrator cs6 Free Download

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