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On December 1, 2016
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Element 11 PSA File Organizer

PSA File Organizer Element 11 is easy to use app because it can help you separate certain types of files. And organize Element 11 them into sub folders. This program is lightweight and canalso spontaneously create sub folders for each type of file you wish. Moreover, it can also organize all the files because of a specified format and display them in a list.

Element 11 PSA File Organizer features a simple interface, which permits user to find files you are looking for them. You can easily move them into other sub folders. You need to enter the file extension you wish to manage, such as mp4, flv, txt, in the field near the bottom right corner of the window.

The program requires that you select the folder you wish to work with, then it can rapidly find the files and displays them in the designated list. If the files are not instantly display, you need to simply click the Refresh button. Automatically create folders and move files

PSA File Organizer Element 11 generates new sub folders at the specified path, each with the name of one of the detected files. It can generate as many folders as files in the list or only as many as you specify; set the number of folders you wish to create by checking the exact number of file boxes. Moreover, remember to check the “Only Selected” box, in this case.

Element 11

Element 11


Clicking the “Move All button”, combined with checking the Move To One box results in the program automatically so it generating a single folder, named after the first file in the list. All the items are move to that directory. Although an additional field is displayed because when checking the Move To One box, entering a custom path in it causes an error to occur.

A useful feature of Element 11 PSA File Organizer is the user notification bar, at the bottom of the window. It can alert you of how many folders have been created. It also alerts user about how many files were moved. Make sure that the source folder is not open in Windows Explorer or another apps, otherwise, PSA File Organizer might not function.

Element 11


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