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On January 4, 2017
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FotoMix is a versatile program that allows you to mix and manipulate different backgrounds and foregrounds. The perfect mix of two pictures. FotoMix that allows you to add people from one photo onto another photo or background to perform any task in a manner like to that of Photoshop

Photo Mixer Picture Mix Download Free

Photo Mixer FotoMix is a simple and lightweight useful image editor that allows you to add people from one photo onto another photo or background to perform any task in a manner like to that of Photoshop. It will give you an easy way to resize and handle your photos in Photo Mixer . You can have several creations with the help of art tools.

Photo Mixer
FotoMix has a typical user interface that is built around an explorer type framework. Photo Mixer FotoMix is divided into five tabs; Background, Foreground, Composition, Touch Up and Finish. There are certain Tooltips located at the bottom of the window, which guide you as you navigate the app. It is very easy to use.

Photo Mixer
Photo Mixer FotoMix is offering you an easy way to crop, resize, rotate, enhance, mix and handle your photos. After using feature rich, resource heavy professional photo editors, this moveable small sized might seem to be a little strange, but if we want a prompt and fast photo editing software, then this one is prominent in the list.

FotoMix is not severely a programs mix photographs, either. In fact, we love how the creator defines users as creating funny images of ‘love ones’ and not so loved ones.

Photo Mixer

Backgrounds of the image can be edited for clearness and shading through Photo Mixer . The foreground can be freely cropped by using a brush with flexible sizes. You can add several color and texture effects and add copies to fill the final image or simply to save middle positions.

FotoMix does not handle undo very well so this is important one. The background section only has one step of undo, while the Foreground features an Undo All button, which refers to that section only.

When the picture is done you can select to save it, send it through email, print it or create transfers for T-shirts and calendars etc.

Photo Mixer FotoMix is very easy to use and it offers accurately what you need. No additional features. Its interface and the edition system give you the option to create your photo collections without any problem.

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